Tools for Schools

Harbor Freight Tools for Schools is at the core of the company's community investment strategy. It stems from CEO Eric Smidt's goal of supporting the skilled trades in American public high schools. We aim to foster and shine a light on excellent teaching and learning in the skilled trades pathways of Career & Technical Education (CTE), to help stimulate greater understanding, support, and investment by public entities and others.

Harbor Freight Tools for Schools is a family and company-driven initiative, built upon a strong belief in the dignity of the skilled trades and the need to give students reasons to stay in school, a path to good jobs in their communities, and a vital workforce our country needs.

If you are a skilled trades teacher (carpentry, welding, plumbing, green construction, automotive, etc.) in an American public high school with significant classroom needs, make your request for an in-kind contribution by visiting the Teacher Donation Request Form. Other grants made through Harbor Freight Tools for Schools are generally multi-year and locally focused.

In February 2017, we announced a three-year, $1.2 million grant to Big Picture Learning to design and test a new form of apprenticeship for youth who wish to pursue a high school and postsecondary pathway in both new and traditional trades and crafts. The Harbor Freight Fellows Initiative (HFFI) will target youth who have exceptional knowledge and skills in a trade or craft, but who often languish in traditional high schools and career and technical education programs. HFFI will help these Fellows develop the competencies and accomplishments needed for success in the workplace, in postsecondary learning, and in life. For more information, we invite you to check out this press release.

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